Lakehurst Kitchen Remodel

Our Lakehurst kitchen remodel was a great project.  From the owners to the architect, the designer to the crews that performed the work, this project was a success! The main reason that the project was a success is how all parties worked together as a team.  Like all remodeling projects, you never know what you will find once you open up the walls.

This project was no different, we found where a previous owner’s contractor installed hardwood flooring in the dining room and didn’t dispose of the scrap wood or sawdust, but piled it ALL in a cavity betweens the walls.  This is something that would not happen with Nix Group.  We preform a project cleaning before we insulate & sheetrock to try to ensure that this does not happen.  Usually at this stage of the project there is a lot of saw dust and debris that’s accumulated.  However, finding the scrap wood and sawdust wasn’t the biggest issue on this project.

The major issue on the project was that the original gas lines in the house were not up to current code.  The house originally had the gas lines run under the concrete slab and the gas lines were not in the proper casing (lines run like this are more susceptible to getting holes in them and leaking.  In the end, they leak gas under the houses slab.  NOT GOOD AT ALL).  Since our project was to only touch the kitchen, utility room and dining room this created some challenges because we had to get new gas lines to the fireplace in the formal living room and 2 heating units in the attic above the 2nd floor, which were in parts of the house we are not going to be working in.  Once Nix Group was made aware of the issue, we were immediately focused on finding a solution to the problem.  By the end of the day, we had a couple of different options to present to our clients.  When something this major happens, it can really delay the project if not addressed and rectified right away.  Our clients were great in understanding that we were working hard to get a cost effective solution that wouldn’t delay the project any more than it had to.  At the end of the day, we had to get our plumber, carpenter, sheet rocker and painter involved to get the plumbing to code and, most importantly, to get the home safe for our clients.  Communication was key to coordinating all of the information back to our clients so they could make a very informed decision. This also says a lot about the crews that we have working for us; they all we able to become familiar with the issue and get pricing back within the day.  It’s great to know that you have great crews that are there for you when you need them the most.  Our group of crews right now is spot on and I’m very happy with them.  Our clients were very understanding of this issue and understood that there was going to be additional costs and a couple of days delay to correct the plumbing.

In the end, the kitchen turned out amazingly!  Our clients did some very nice cabinetry pieces.  Take a look at the pictures below and be sure to notice the very large pullout pantry to the right of the fridge.  Also, look at the appliance garage custom made for our owner needs.  I really like the large duel-fuel range!

I wish I had before pictures for you, so you could see how this kitchen was truly transformed.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!