Beachside Construction

I was very fortunate to take a family vacation to the Beach this last month and noticed some very  interesting construction being done at beachfront home.  I wondered the construction site trying to wrap my head around what they were doing and why they were doing it.  (I don’t know if it’s a vacation area thing, but every time I go to the beach or mountains I can never find any workers working on the houses I see under construction.  This is something Nix Group strives to do, is to keep the project scheduled to have workers working continually on the project.)  This home is in the foundation stage and what I can gather is that they have 2′ diameter piers with a slab on top, this is the main level.  Then they have 1′ diameter column/piers going up 10′ to the second floor with a second level concrete grade beam,  I’ve not seen this done in the residential world before.  I don’t know if it’s built this way because of the storms from the ocean or if they plan to park cars under the main house or not, I have no idea.  I watched this house sit for an entire week with no work happening, I wanted to talk with someone to find out why they build it like this, I new there was a reason.  Something I took away from this is to have signage or contact information on all of you projects so you can be contracted if there is an emergency or question.   I hope to make it back to the beach in the next couple of years to see the completed home.  The owners of this house will have an amazing view.  Here are a few pictures of the house in it’s current state.

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Looking For A New Home???

Two great Nix Group homes have recently come on the market!

One home was constructed 8 years ago and the other 6.  Building these homes was amazing and both currently have great families in them.  I love getting the chance to get a peek at the inside of homes that we have build after a few years.  It’s great to see how they stand the test of time, busy lives, along with kids, and pets.  I think both of these homes show the quality of home Nix Group builds.  They both are beautiful!

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