Why Do I Like My Job?

Recently I was asked why I like my job so much. I started counting the reasons and quickly came up with about a hundred. There are all the various trades and suppliers plus architects, clients, inspectors, designers, decorators and neighbors. I’m not sure if they popped into my brain ranked according to priority or randomly but my workers started the list.

We have about 75 workers and suppliers. Without listing all I’ll just say the construction phase starts with the electrician disconnecting power to the client’s home. The project is completed by the final cleanup crew. There are numerous trades between start and completion.

Each of our workers specializes in one trade. Our sheetrocker is not our painter. Our framing crew is not our trim crew. Liking my job is driven by the skill the workers display and by who the workers are. Some of the workers have been with us for 15 years. We trade life stories with each other. We’ve been invited to their Christmas parties, weddings and funerals. At one funeral we were invited to sit with the family. That’s one of the highest honors I’ve experienced.

Back to the question, why do I like my job? . Every project is different. Every day is different and filled with surprises. I’m surrounded by people I trust and whose skills I value. And this just covered the workers.


Larry Nix